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Since 1958, when production was concentrated on wire and band springs, we have grown with the objective of raising the level of quality, reliability and service to offer an increasingly broader range of parts. Over the years our willingness to be close to market requirements in the development of ever more complex components has led us to evolve towards electrically-welded, co-moulded and assembled products, joining our clients in design and co-design.

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Our philosophy

When two persons meet and exchange an object, they leave with an object each. When two persons meet and exchange an idea they leave with two ideas each, therefore, they are both enriched. The sense of our philosophy can be found in this old Oriental saying: not simply an exchange of goods for money, but an alliance of intents to develop solutions, to optimise products and create value. Serene and constructive meeting gives rise to shared work that turns supplier and client into partners.

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Making successful products is a result that can only arise out of the motivation of a whole team. This is why we lay our stakes on people, their training and commitment to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations. This way people, systems and machines become a single unit for developing quality services and products.

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“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult”. We have made Seneca’s motto our own and we translate it on a daily basis into never give anything for granted but plan, do, monitor and improve. The practical translation is to develop new products as a result of ongoing market researches.

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Quality is a way of thinking not only about the immediate result made up of tolerances, quantities and lead times, but also about equally important values like laws and environment safety standards, which we adhere to with the utmost commitment.

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Complete Data

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