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In order to achieve the utmost from our work, we start from design on three-dimensional CAD stations, which offer us the possibility to import and export files in the more widespread formats, to reach industrialisation thought out in direct relation with our production potential. Collaboration with our Clients also translates into the development of accurate prototypes that make it possible to test the processes and products.

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Equipment manufacturing

We make all the equipment in-house, even the most complex follow dies, with Agie wire and plunge cut EDM, Hermle high-speed machining centres and Jones & Shipman tangential grinding machines. Many specific products are made on automation lines for forming and assembly designed and manufactured by us.

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The quality of the machines we use becomes the guarantee of an excellent end result. We manufacture metal wire products made of different materials with diameters from 0.2 mm to 30 mm using winding machines, machines for twisting and shaping the wire (Bihler, Wafios, Simplex Rapid, Bobbio, Mec). We run automatic controls on the main operating characteristics and we can carry out all the surface treatments required.

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We can blank, bend, thread, weld and turn the band into clips, contacts, brackets, plates,
bushes, spring washers and nuts and bolts. We machine bands of different materials with thickness from 0.1 mm to 3 mm on mechanical blanking-bending machines (Bihler and Koradi) and Bruderer presses and we can carry out the heat and surface treatments needed for use by our Client.

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We can assemble different materials with the aim of supplying our client not simply a spring or a blank, but a finished component, ready for use. To achieve this purpose we implement co-moulding technologies in collaboration with outside partners or assembly machines developed by our research and development centre and very often developed in-house.

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